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Optimel Manuka + Forte Eye Gel

Optimel Manuka + Forte Eye Gel, which is available through Optometrists only, are intended for people with moderate to severe dry eyes.

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Optimel Manuka Dry Eye Drops

Optimel Manuka Dry Drops are intended for people with mild to moderate chronic dry eye and poor eyelid health and are available nationally at Australian pharmacies.

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Melcare Manuka+ Nasal Spray

Melcare’s Manuka+ Nasal Spray helps clearing of the nasal cavity to provide temporary relief from congestion.

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Latest News

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In Part 4 of Insight’s dry eye series, Melcare Biomedical CEO Anthony Moloney reveals how his company’s Australian-made product has proven to significantly reduce the severity of dry eye symptoms…

Effect of a formulated eye drop with Leptospermum spp honey on tear film properties

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